Company Profile

AKMOSOFT is a software development and information technology consulting company.

We operate from two offices. One is located in New York (USA) and the other is in Moscow (Russia).

AKMOSOFT develops front & back-end web and non-web applications in many fields including finance and investment, multimedia production, B2B and B2C e-commerce, PC and PDA custom applications.

We provide technology consulting, feasibility/performance studies, requirement definition/analysis, functional specifications, system architecture/analysis, web design, graphics, database design and management, programming, software development/implementation, testing and debugging.

We work in a variety of platforms, systems, languages and databases.

With an experienced staff of technical specialists, system architects, analysts, and testers, AKMOSOFT provides a high level of expertise and meets the needs of all our clients.

AKMOSOFT's project managers are actively involved with client communication. We use all of the modern means of communication - a dedicated optical Internet line, videoconferences, telephone, e-mail and instant messaging programs. In some cases our project managers can attend your meetings and run the development team from your location.

AKMOSOFT constantly improves its Software Engineering Process to meet ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Customer testimonials

By the way, I have been impressed by the work and ideas that you have had. It is very nice working with people who care about their work and are professional at it. I have respect for people who do their jobs well and it would seem
that you do yours well to me. I also thank you for allowing me to keep working as I enjoy my work even if I am not one of the best.


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