For a software development company, human resource is the most important asset, and we at AKMOSOFT have been continuously attempting to keep our Human Resource Development policies and practices in tune with the aspirations of our people. We truly believe that positive reinforcement is the key to developing human resources. At AKMOSOFT, the HRD process is divided into three broad areas:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training
  • Organizational Development Activities

AKMOSOFT strives for better performance of both the employee and the organization, through various mechanisms. We always keep in mind the employee's interests with highly structured, formal feedback mechanisms. Formal processes for selection of the right candidates, identifying training needs, performance appraisals, reviews of appraisals and career planning of employees are done on an on-going basis. We use these processes to improve on performance and motivation levels of the employees towards the twin goals of personal and organizational growth.

Having fun is an integral part of the job, and AKMOSOFT has its share of parties, picnics, celebrations, treks, and general fun and games, both for the employees and for their families. We believe this helps the employee to bond with the company.

With HRD occupying a critical dimension in the action plan and periodic reviews of the top management, we believe that we are an emoployer of choice for professionals in the IT industry.


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